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Children's values 

Respect for human dignity
All children deserve dignity and respect. Our philosophy is that every child that is born is a gift to the world. Respect for human dignity is based on a humanistic concept of man, which emphasises a personís uniqueness, gentleness, freedom and right of self-determination.
Every child in the world is unique. Even those who are not interested in the classic point of view on human dignity, will agree that the more the inquiry into human deepens and is enriched, the less it nears an end. Every child, no matter who, possesses a proper and inalienable dignity in the unequivocal sense that we give the term: "that which is beyond all price and has no equivalent since it possesses an absolute, not a relative, value". What follows is an evidence of childrenís values.

Save-the-Children charity 

MathSol is developed to help the children suffering from cancer in Save-the-Children charity of Children's Hospital, Helsinki, Finland. The effort encompasses in-depth research into the cause of children's cancer, more target approach and precise definition for its treatment. This necessitates procurement of modern diagnostic equipment as well as external support. All sales from MathSol applications are donated to Children's Hospital.

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Nonlinear Regression - CurveFitter
Equation Plotter - EqPlot
Desktop Calculator - DesktopCalc
Scientific Calculator - ScienCalc
Multivariable Calculator - SimplexCalc
Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc
Compact Calculator - CompactCalc
Nonlinear Analysis- DataFitting
Innovative Calculator - InnoCalculator
Unit Conversion - UnitConvertor-A
Unit Conversion - UnitConvertor-B
Unit Conversion - UnitConvertor-C
Unit Conversion - UnitConvertor-D

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    The software presented on these pages are for Save-the-Children charity.

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